Public Safety Statement

My name is Dao Yin and I’m a candidate for Queens Borough President.  I will use my extensive business experience and as a community activist to bring jobs back to Queens and rebuild this great City.

I am also the only candidate focusing on a platform of public safety.  I have been deeply disturbed by the looting that we have seen across the City and our Nation over the past few months. 

We must keep our residents safe!  We must protect our businesses!  We cannot allow our City and our economy to be destroyed!  We must increase the funding of the NYPD.


My First Priorities as Queens Borough President are:

  • I am the only candidate running who is championing a public safety message. 
  • I will work to unite leaders across Queens to keep our citizens safe and fight against all forms of racism.
  • I will increase the NYPD budget and support our men and women in blue.
  • I will work to keep Queens safe.  Rather than focus on ill-conceived “reforms,” I will focus on protecting the lives and property of our residents.
  • I would hold monthly Town Hall meetings. Our current leadership love to talk from a soapbox, but never listens to their constituents.
  • I will invite all the community leaders and activists from Queens and listen to their plans, ideas and opinions and work with them to make actionable ones a reality.
  • I will work to unite leaders across Queens to keep our citizens safe and fight against all forms of racism.
  • As an Asian-American and a businessman, I also know the struggles that small business owners face, especially given the ongoing health crisis. I will fight to ensure they get the resources they need to recover from this crisis.

Public Safety Platform:

Looting and the Police

  • I support our men and women in our police force.
  • I am the only candidate on this stage focusing on a public safety message.
  • I am surprised by the fact that most of our elected officials want to cut the NYPD budget. 
  • I am appalled by the fact that people think they can attack our police officers without consequences.  
  • We cannot allow thieves, gangsters, and criminals to abuse our open, democratic society.
  • The looting demonstrates that we need more police officers on the street.  Thus, we should increase the funding given to the NYPD.
  • Peaceful protests are obviously justified in the face of racism and police brutality.
  • If I am elected, I will collaborate with community leaders throughout Queens to promote trust and respect and ensure we can all live peacefully together.  

The After Effect of the Tragedy in Minnesota:

As an Asian-American, this issue is personal to me because of the increasing discrimination and injustices we see against all minorities.

The root cause of this tragedy is discrimination.

I am the only candidate running on a law-and-order platform.  I support proper police enforcement.  

One reason the legitimate protests have been overtaken by looters and violence is because people have been on house confinement for past five months.

It’s time to open up the economy, protect the vulnerable, and get everyone else back to work!

Queens is the most diverse county in the nation, and all protests must be peaceful to be productive!

We need new, creative leadership to unite us.  

I, Dao Yin, will work to bring Queens and this City together.